Output Transformer Choices

M19 Partial Silver or Full Silver Secondaries


Electra Print Output Transformers from Jack Elliano.

These have been used by many high end manufactures for over 25 Years PSSS Silver or Full  Silver Secondaries.

Renowned for Excellent Performance over the complete Audio Spectrum, Bass Response is a real winner for these,EI core midrange magic and extended high end due to Silver Secondaries.


Latest News 


FINEMET® Double C Core 2020 release


Custom Wound Double C core FINEMET® Nanocrystalline Transformers with extended bass response and excellent mid and high frequency performance .

Teramoto FINEMET® Cut C core


Teramoto Finement 

Nanocrystalline the most efficient and lowest distortion metal for output transformers, at Tesla T1.3 it is simply the best.

Up to 1/5 the core loss of Silicon based metals.

Very low distortion characteristics.

A level 5 product.


FINEMET® Single Ended 2A3 or 6C4c

The Single Ended  2A3/6C4C with M19 or FINEMET®  Output Transformers  is perfectly suited to full range drivers like Lowther,Feastrex,Fostex, Full Range Horns, and Contrast Audio Speakers listed on our website with the Australian Distributer. The Constant Current Source Heater Supply ensures very quiet running free of hum. This Amplifier derived from an original 1948 Loftin White Style DC coupled circuit but re balanced for higher current drive . The 6SF5 with its big curved plate has an exquisite sound, quite unique in fact. Direct coupled to the 6A3 by solid OCC copper wire specially treated and covered in Silk Tubing inner and Teflon outer. The overall character of this Amplifier is very musical toe tapping pace and very revealing of inner detail and micro dynamics which if implemented correctly is a real strength of Single Ended Amplifiers. The bass in fast and tuneful , midrange presence very lifelike and high frequencies well extended and crystal clear . The Sound Stage in expansive and powerful quite hard to believe for just 4 watts. We also release this model with dual inputs and an laser etched TKD Volume Control as an Integrated Line Level Amplifier. Please refer to More TAB > Technical Details for Performance details regarding this amplifier with different output transformers options.

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Please refer to More TAB> Technical Details and Signature Series Options in Pricing also.

Audiophile Parts


Components used in all our Amplifiers include


Teramoto Finement Transforms 

NPA Amorphous Transformers

Electra Print Transformers

Dale Non Inductive WW Resisters

Dale RN series Resistors 

Black Gate Cathode Capacitors in 300B

Caddock Thick Film  Non Inductive Resistors

 All Power HV Supply Capacitors are very low ESR  capacitors including , ClarityCap TC2 ,AVX & CDE/UNL & Vishay

Neotech OCC copper wire , solid in signal path . multi strand Teflon in HV/DC.

CMC RCA inputs

Rod Coleman Constant Current Source Heater Supplies 

GAOFEI Speaker Binding Posts 

5mm thick alloy water cut top and bottom plates with thick powder coat finish.

Russian Birch Plywood, hand rubbed shellac light or dark finish and Natural Wax coating.