Push Pull 6BX7 ,KT66 ,5B-255M , 7591A


Push Pull Tube Options KT66 / 5B-255M/ 7591A Ultra-Linear-Triode Retro225 series

The 5B-254/5M is a similar Retro Mono Block Version of the Brimar 25PI  >  0.1 % distortion at full power , 25 watts Ultra Linear, 30 watts Tetrode including the new R Core Output Transformer 4Hz - 55KHz  -1dB  4v@8K,  or Lundahl Transformers ,very similar footprint to the Quad 11 Mono's . 

The 5B-255M also has a triode mode switch and similar to the Vintage UK Parmeco A.P. 32020 in its design.

The 7591A is well known in the Vintage Macintosh 225 and Fisher Amplifier range Fisher X-101c , we will reflect the Vintage look and design in our Push Pull 7591A  -Mono Blocks, 26 watts 

Release 2020

Output transformer choices

Potted R Core Push Pull Transformer.


More to come on this ! 

Lundahl Push Pull Transformer and cover.


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