Amplifiers Technical Performance & Design Philosophy


Nanocrystalline FINEMET® Output Transformers

300B  Standard Issue  10Hz-50KHz -1dB    (3.5K} - 8 ohm 


2A3/6A3   10Hz-50KHz  -1dB  (3.5K) -8 ohm 

300B & 2A3/6A3 Extended Frequency Range 10Hz -100KHz -2dB POA

Amorphous Double C Core Output Transformers

Standard Amorphous

10hz -60Khz   - 2dB 

Extended Frequency Amorphous Option extra $400

10Hz - 80 Khz  - 2dB 

Power Supply Transformers 240v 50Hz or 120v 50/60Hz

All Power supplies are made with custom wound EU Toroidal Transformers with extra shielding for low residual eddy currents .

All amplifiers have dual mono power rail each with a 10H Choke 

All Capacitors Low ESR Film with 

Ripple >  -90dBv or about 0.0031%

 Input impedance: 100 kohm
Input voltage: 230V  50/60Hz

120V /60Hz available by request)
Power Transformer 150VA /6A3 -250mA /300B/PX25
Size: 300B/6A3  400 x 300  18kg

PX25 300x 200  16kg

300B/2A3/6A3/PX25 - Heaters Powered by Rod Coleman Constant Current Source DC for perfect performance ,no audable hum 


Input Sensitivity ,Distortion & S/N

6A3 Input sensitivity: 1.5Vrms  S/N Ratio: 80dB THD >1% -3W/1kHz

300B  Input sensitivity: 1.8Vrms  S/N Ratio 80dB THD >2% – 8W/1KHz

PX25 Input Sensitivity 2Vrms S/N Ratio 80dB THD >3% - 6W/1KHz


Teramoto Hitachi FINEMET®

Telsla Rating , Saturation Flux Density Bs(T) Relative Permeability Ur

Metglas & Finement ® is a registered trade mark of Hitachi Metals Ltd.


 Metglas Amorphous & Finement  Nanocrystalline 

Metglas® is an amorphous metal, Amorphous metals do not have crystalline structure like other magnetic materials. All the atoms in an amorphous metal are randomly arranged, thus giving it a higher resistivity (about three times) value than that for crystalline counterparts. Amorphous alloys are prepared by cooling the melt at about million degrees per second. This fast cooling does not give the atoms enough time to rearrange into stable crystalline form. As a result one gets metastable amorphous structure. Because of the absence of crystalline structure amorphous alloys are magnetically soft (lower coercivity, lower core loss, higher permeability). High resistivity gives lower loss at higher frequencies. The losses are among the lowest of any known magnetic materials.

Nanocrystalline or Finemet® Nanocrystalline - The precursor of FINEMET® Nanocrystalline is amorphous ribbon (non-crystalline) obtained by rapid quenching at one million °C/second from the molten metal consisting of Fe, Si, B and small amounts of Cu and Nb. These crystallized alloys have grains which are extremely uniform and small, "about ten nanometers in size". Amorphous metals which contain certain alloy elements show superior soft magnetic properties through crystallization. It was commonly known that the characteristics of soft magnetic materials are "larger crystal grains yield better soft magnetic properties". Contrary to this common belief, soft magnetic material consisting of a small, "nano-order", crystal grains have excellent soft magnetic properties.

More about FINEMET:

FINEMET® is registered trade mark of Hitachi Metals Ltd.

FINEMET® is Nanocrystalline soft magnetic metal which is special amorphous metal. It's phase characteristics is far better than conventional core material such as Ni and Co-based amorphous metal.

1) Satisfy both high saturation magnetic flux density and high permeability
High saturation magnetic flux density comparable to
Fe-based amorphous metal. High permeability comparable to Co-based amorphous metal.

2) Low core loss
1/5th the core loss of Fe based amorphous metal and
approximately the same core loss as Co-based amorphous metal.

3) Low magnetostriction
Less affected by mechanical stress. Very low audio noise emission.

4) Excellent temperature characteristics and small aging effects
Small permeability variation (less than ±10%) at a temperature range of -50°C~150°C. Unlike Co-based amorphous metals, aging effects are very small.

5) Excellent high frequency characteristics
High permeability and low core loss over wide frequency range, which is equivalent to Co-based amorphous metal.

6) Flexibility to control magnetic properties“B-H curve shape”during annealing
Three types of B-H curve squareness, high, middle and low remanence ratio, corresponding to various applications.

 < More on Metglas to come, but is very similar in sound to Finement with slightly less detail .>

Both these metals easily outperform EI and C core M6 GOSS and Z11 core material within specs above in the chart. 

Design Philosophy


30 years of professional broadcasting helps shape our designs. We do not use M6/ Z11 Steel in our output transformers, as we have chosen superior performing metals.

                                Single Ended 6A3/300B 

Our head designer has worked in the Professional Broadcasting Field for over 30 years .

The shortest simplest signal path is paramount to excellent audio reproduction 

We only use two tubes !

One input and one output .

Direct Coupling is used with the 6A3 and Nickel Skirted  Plate and Grid Chokes feeding a Teflon Capacitor with the 300B.

The GZ32 Rectifier used in the 2A3/ 6A3 & GZ34 with the 300B both have a slow start up to protect valuable tube Cathodes and low voltage drop producing excellent results.

All film Capacitors in the power supply for speed and dynamics.

Top quality components , including Dale WW, TKD and Caddock thick film resistors.

The integrated models use TKD Etched Volume Controls.

Neotech Bare OCC wire with specially treated coating and Silk Tube Dielectric for signal wire.

Neotech Solid Silver Hook Up Wire and Binding Posts from Furutech or Goefee, RCA Furutech or CMC, these are options that can be chosen at order time.

Single Ended PX 25

This is a new concept for Nano-AT , the driver stage is a ECC88/6922 dual triode , with a  Teflon Capacitors on the first stage and DC Coupled the second stage direct to the PX25.

Both 1/2s of the ECC88 have Constant Current Source power driven to the plates , exhibiting very stable and clean DC, enabling exceptionally low noise and distortion keeping the Teflon Capacitor constantly charged for excellent bass, dynamics with a natural purity to the sound.

A GZ34 Rectifier with  low voltage drop , all Film Power Supply Capacitors, for very smooth running with very low impedance for excellent bass response, fast transients ,great midrange and crystal clear high frequencies.

The wide bandwidth balanced input transformer allows the use of fully balanced XLR inputs or switchable to RCA input.

CMC Speaker and RCA Input Connector's with Gold Plated XLR for Balanced and switchable inputs.

A profesional monitor grade Amplifier 

M19 Transformer Performance 

Electra Print M19 EI  Copper or PSSS Silver Secondary 

25Hz -20KHz -1dB Manufactures Minimum Guarantee, we typically get 20Hz-25Khz -1db  

 POA !


M19 Core Electra-Print

Electra Print M19 Copper is a great performer, we have measured  frequency response flat from 20Hz to 25 KHz -1dB with excellent bass, warm and full midrange and very clean high end extension well beyond the human hearing range.

The PSSS Silver Secondary Electra Print is the ultimate in low distortion and clarity a real Audiophile Product.

These Transformers have been in production for over 30 years and brands like Eddy Current ( Moth Audio)  DeHavilland,Wellborne Labs, Cyrus Brennan, Modwright and many others have used them to great success.

Our  Amorphous Range of Single Ended Amplifiers exhibit great clarity and  speed , an expansive soundstage ,excellent  dynamics and very wide frequency reproduction .

PRAT  pace rhythm & timing abound ,musical reproduction is very natural  with correct timbre of the original recording faithfully reproduced .

Micro  Detail and Dynamics the real strength of a correctly designed single  ended amplifier are present as if you were there , whether in a studio  or live .

Teramoto Finement Nanocrystalline are the most detailed and analytical transformers I have ever heard.

Made for the Audiophile who wants to hear deep into the original mix 

Nanocrystalline metals can be produced by rapid solidification from the liquid using a process such as melt spinning. This often produces an amorphous metal, which can be transformed into an nanocrystalline metal by annealing above the crystallization temperature.  Wiki  

electra-print Ei core Copper or PsSS silver secondary


Electra-Print EI Core Output Transformers are Legendary, USA made that have been around for decades and very large for their given output.

All Jack Elliano's Transformers are guaranteed for 25 Hz - 20KHz minimum but in testing we have measured 20Hz -25KHz -1dB almost ruler flat.

Bass extension is extraordinary ,midrange with the EI cores is full and rich and real strength of this type of core, while C cores are a little leaner.

High Frequencies are very revealing and super low in distortion with an excellent square wave measurement with no HF ringing. 

M19 with very high permeability is able to sustain DC  flux saturation better than other metals allowing for deep extended bass and  an ease of musical reproduction across all frequencies, free from stress and early roll of in the bass register when heavy demanding musical notes are in the mix.

PSSS, partail silver secondary

Silver wire audio transformers have been known to make an improvement in audio reproduction for decades. Silver has a higher sensitivity to flux change (200%)  anabling it to reproduce lower level  information produced by the output stage including harmonics produced  by  musical instruments. ElectraPrint Audio has a new line of  transformers using Partial Silver Stranded Secondary (PSSS).


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Amorphous Double C core

Excellent Frequency Extention

10Hz-60Khz  -2dB Standard

10Hz - 80Khz  -2dB Custom 

Hammertone or Saturn Black Finish

Other Custom Colours available to match many colour options for chassis.

hitacTHI Finement Comparison


Teramoto Finement


As you can see Hitachi Metals Finement are  well out in front of all the other metals used in output transformers, up to 1/5 the core loss of Silicon Based Metals used in most production amplifiers today.

Amorphous is a close second.

Teramoto Multifilar Winding techniques are used for excellent results.

Frequency transfer is higher in these exotic metals and distortion very low.

Recovery from demanding transient responses lightening fast, this really is the new wave of Audio Design Technology, you simply can't argue with the laws of Physics when it comes to metallurgy.


Special build option on request