Bespoke & Handmade end to end

Teramoto Fimement


At Nano-AT each Amplifier is individually handmade by one person from the chassis up, point to point OCC Copper Wire is used throughout and the best audiophile grade components.

We choose and test each individual component and tube to make sure they reach our tight design tolerances.

No detail is left unchecked.

Over 30 years of professional broadcasting by our chief designer has led us to use our current line up of parts and design including direct coupling of stages, which is the most difficult to balance requiring many more hours of labour, like a finely tuned sports car these designs have led us to a winning performance.

We test and re test voltages and output performance to the strict criteria we set.

The 6A3 & 300B amplifiers employ point to point OCC Copper wire in the main signal path.

All power supply capacitors are all low ESR, the DC smoothing chokes are excellent performers from Canada & USA.

The Constant Current Source Heater's are Rod Coleman designed  devices which are hand populated, soldered by us and tested for the heaters of the output tubes , for exceptionally quiet running ,great for high efficiency speakers.

Each Amplifier involves over 50 hours of individual attention.

Choosing Lundahl HiB ,Amorphous or Nanocrysalline  Output transformers, are all multifilar wound for extended frequency performance, as is the Metglas-Amorphous Interstage Transformer used in the Amorphous 300B amplifier option.

Amorphous metals are quite rare in production amplifiers and Nanocrystalline (   FINEMET® ) extremely rare indeed due to its expense and design requirements.

Mr Suzuki who is the  master winder for General Transformers / Teramoto, has used  Finemet C Core Metals for many years.

 This metal, with  its high saturation flux density compared to other Fe- based metals ,ie Z11 and 1/5 the core loss.

  FINEMET®  exhibits very High Frequency extension with low distortion characteristics, the level of detail  retrieval is amazing  it is the best at T1.3, you simply can not argue with the laws of Physics, it just is !

Amorphous Transformers are very similar in character to   FINEMET®  but the detail is not quite as forward in its presentation.