NEW - Electra - Print - Single Ended 300B E280F PSSS Silver Output Transformers

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Single Ended 6A3 or Single Ended 300B - Electra-Print M19 OPT or Amorphous, Permalloy-Nickel %80, & Nanocrystalline Finement


Welcome to the new wave of audio design, email -  TM pending.

We build Bespoke Single Ended Amplifiers  in Australia , both SE 6A3 & SE 300B using M19,  Amorphous, Permalloy  80% Nickel or  Teramoto Finement Nanocrystalline - Hitachi Metals output transformers. (your choice)

We do not use  Z11 orient cores as we have chosen Transformer core metal's in a class of their own ,with unique properties ,they are simply the best.

> The 6A3 uses a Loftin White inspired design .
A 6SF5 DC coupled ( no capacitor ) input tube wired directly to the 6A3 output tube with a single piece of Neotech OCC copper wire .
A GZ32 rectifier with low voltage drop, soft start to prolong tube life .
This design exhibits astounding clarity and very low distortion.
Lush midrange , excellent bass and very extended high frequencies.

5mm  Alloy top and bottom plates supported between Russian Birch Plywood  ( hand rubbed shellac ) acting as a vibration proof platform.

EU made ,custom wound ,low noise Toroidal Power transformers
Simply the best !  

* * please note designs are upgraded from time to time. 

Parts are sourced locally and overseas .

Singe Ended SE300B Amorphous,Permalloy or Finement for 8 Watts


This 8 watt design features ( triode mode ) E280F or E180F  driver tube's driven by a Electra Print Nickel Skirted Plate choke & Teflon Capacitor Coupled to the grid of the 300B output tube with Electra-Print output transformers, either copper secondary or PSSS Silver .

This combination allows for outstanding bass  performance, full midrange and sweet extended high frequencies with very low Total Harmonic Distortion.

Music flows with a natural timbre ,surrounded by a large soundstage as if you were there.

Wiring is all Neotech OCC Copper point to point, all hand made and bespoke.

A GZ32 rectifier is used for very low voltage drop resulting in excellent bass and dynamics. 

>>>> This Amplifier design is also available with 

Amorphous , Permalloy or Teramoto -Finement Nanocrystalline C Core Output Transformers are a feature's you can also choose. <<<<<

Please read Technical Data tab regarding these output transformer choices and performance.

With a Tesla rating of T1.3, Teramoto Finement is unmatched by any other metal in this regard for crystal clear presentation of all music styles.

It allows you to hear deep into the mix like no other metal, combined with multifilar winding techniques has no real equal in this regard.

Bass is fast and solid, midrange has a vividness of character as if you were there and the highs have a clarity which is brimming with detail faithfully reproduced, each breath and nuance captured.

Permalloy we use with 80% Nickel has a seductive quality with excellent inner detail retrieval that will engage the listener for hours. 

A cross between Finement and Amorphous in a lovely balance.

Amorphous is an excellent choice, a true audiophile product, inherently musical with an extended frequency response from bass to high end and everything in between, especially the midrange truth of timbre quality.

Included in all designs we have EU, custom wound low noise Toroidal Power Transformers, the same brand/type that Aries Cerat use.

Rod Coleman Constant Current Source Heater supplies for the 300B, simply the best way to achieve quiet running & performance of the 300B , a marked improvement on AC hum pots.

Large Electra-Print M19 Output transformers , Copper or PSSS Silver Secondary, nicely potted in attractive cases.


M19  EI core is excellent in the bass region, able to sustain high levels of DC Flux saturation for stable bass responce and a very full and smooth midrange , where C cores are a little leaner.

High end is very detailed without being edgy or bright.

No other component has more influence on an amplifiers sound quality than the output transformer, it is at the heart of any tube amplifier design.

Further information on drop down tab's.

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