We use Finemet ® Output Transformers , Simply The Best !

Bespoke built in Australia ,Single Ended 45/50/2A3/6C4c/300B M19 ( Silver Option ) or FINEMET® Output Transformers ,Push Pull 6BX7 Silver , Push Pull KT66 / 5B-255M with New R Core Output Transformers. All Nano-AT Amplifiers , 115/230v 50/60 Hz 4-8-16 ohms options. SE EL509 now released !


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In these days of mass produced Amplifiers from a Plethora of Auction sites ,many with cheap components, we offer a Bespoke product with High End Components, to fit your personnel requirements with a three year Warranty on parts and build, tubes warranty depends on manufacturer chosen.

We build Single Ended & Push Pull Amplifiers  in Australia  SE 45/50/2A3/6C4c/300B/EL509 and Mono Block Retro 30 watt Push Pull KT66 /5B-255M ( M19  Silver Wired / PSSS Silver  ) , R core M6 or FINEMET® Output Transformers (your choice)

Arguably  the most important part of a tube amplifiers parts list with the greatest influence on the sound is the Output Transformer !  followed by power transformer and last of all DC smoothing chokes core material.

Our use of Finemet  ® Core Output Transformers stand head and shoulders above the rest in terms of absolute clarity, including the other esoteric brands from Japan . At Tesla T1.3  exhibiting very low magnetic core loss and low distortion , high permeability helping produce excellent clarity and speed to hear deep into the original recording .

Our Latest Addition to the Output Transformer range are extended bandwidth R core M6 output transformers , these are very well made and excellent sounding products .

 FINEMET® have the best permeability of all, for audio output transformers, Simply the best only equaled in sound quality by the PSSS Silver Range we have .

 The 2A3 or 6C4c uses a Loftin White inspired design .
A 6SF5 DC coupled ( no capacitor ) input tube wired directly to the 2A3 or 6C4c output tube with a single piece of Neotech OCC copper wire .
A GZ32 rectifier with low voltage drop, soft start to prolong tube life .
This design exhibits astounding clarity and very low distortion.
Lush midrange , excellent bass and very extended high frequencies.

5mm  Alloy top and bottom plates supported between Russian Birch Plywood  ( hand rubbed shellac ) acting as a vibration proof platform.

EU made ,custom wound ,low noise Toroidal Power transformers
Simply the best !  

Available in many different powder coat finishes and colours .

* * please note designs and products are upgraded /changed  from time to time. 


"In one of my favourite rooms – I came back several  times to this oasis – Australia’s Nano Audio Technology’s debuting and  lovingly-bespoke 300B- and 6A3-based amplifiers were alternately  valve-caressing either Contrast Audio or Wyndham Audio (also Australian)  speakers. Brinkmann’s Bardot turntable !

Parts are sourced locally and overseas, mainly Japan,USA and EU

Each Amplifier is Appliance tested and tagged to Australian Standards and the power supply transformers are CE certified .

Singe Ended SE300B / E280F or 6E5P input tube in triode mode. Using M19 or Teramoto FINEMET® - Nanocrysalline Output Transformers & Dual RCA input Integrated Option with TKD Volume Control,the SE300B is also available as a PSE 20 watt monoblock.


This 8 watt design features ( triode mode ) E280F or 6E5P ( New Option ) driver tube's with Constant Current Cascode Source on the Anode's to ensure the Teflon Coupling  Capacitor is always charged, providing very low distortion, maximum gain, the driver tubes extended frequency response from 10Hz -100Khz ,excellent dynamics and absolute clarity in driving the 300B output tube.

Input signal wiring is all Neotech OCC Copper point to point, all hand made and bespoke.

A GZ34 rectifier is used for very low voltage drop resulting in excellent bass and dynamics. 

No less that five regulated power supplies.

Dual rail, dual choke with all Polypropylene Power Supply Capacitors.

Rod Coleman Constant Current Source on the 300B heaters a step up from a basic IXYS/ capacitor or AC trim pot. Hum is gone so high efficiency speakers are perfect for this Amplifier .

The Circuit is carefully optimised and retested for the lowest distortion and best bias points for linearity.

Both the E280F or 6E5P  ( option ) running in triode mode have more than double the current of a typical 6SN7 or ECC82/83 Plate, enabling much greater control of the 300B grid especially when demanding transients are present.

>>>> This Amplifier design is  available with a number of output transformer options.

Electra- Print M19 copper or silver PSSS secondaries, or FINEMET®   Nanocrystalline output transformers, 20 Hz - 50 KHZ -1dB


The Mono - block chassis would run North South rather than East West as with the 8 watt  stereo version, ie the narrowest part would be at the front.

Please read Technical Data tab regarding these output transformer choices and performance.

With a Tesla rating of T1.3, FINEMET® Nanocrystalline  is a market leader for crystal clear presentation of all music styles.

It has up to 1/5 the core loss of normal silicon steel cores, enabling very low distortion and insertion loss ,having the best permeability of all audio output transformers .

It allows you to hear deep into the mix, combined with multifilar winding techniques has no equal in this regard.

Bass is fast and solid, midrange has a vividness of character as if you were there and the highs have excellent detail where every breath and nuance is captured.

Electra- Print M19 EI core with PSSS Silver secondaries is well extended  in the bass region, able to sustain high levels of DC Flux saturation for very  stable bass response and a full and smooth midrange , where C cores are a little leaner.

High end is very detailed with the silver without being edgy or bright.

We also supply with Electra - Print  M19 copper secondaries and OCC copper.

The Teflon Coupling Capacitors we use enable a very large sound stage with absolute clarity without being bright or edgy at all.

No other component has more influence on an amplifiers sound quality than the output transformer, it is at the heart of any tube amplifier design.

Further information on drop down tab's.

Included in all designs we have EU, custom wound low noise Toroidal Power Transformers, the same brand/type that Aries Cerat use.

Rod Coleman Constant Current Source Heater & Plate  supplies for the 300B, simply the best way to achieve quiet running & performance of the 300B , a very marked improvement on AC hum pots.

Please refer More TAB for technical details and Signature Series Pure Silver Secondaries, POA

Nano-AT ™ will include custom wound C core Nanocrystalline-FINEMET® from General Transformers in Japan, formally the Noguchi factory in 2020. A Stereo Single Ended EL509 14 watts and New Push Pull range of Amplifiers including KT66 / 5B-255M 30 watts.


This new to be available in 2020

Our Own Custom Finemet ®Transformers !


 Genalex KT66 /5B-255M Push Pull 30 watts for speakers 87dB/ 1 watt and above

Push Pull 6BX7 GT 4-7 Watts PSSS Silver Secondaries and Silver Input wire, AudioNote Silver RCA's and Speaker Binding Posts.

These will be perfect for Lowther Speaker Lovers and Horn Drivers or Full Range Speakers.

Contrast Audio Range of Speakers sold in Australia are a perfect fit for all our range.

More details to follow.

 High Efficiency Speakers suitable for our Amplifiers can be found at 







Nicely Potted M19 electra-print, High end Silver or copper s

Partial Silver and Solid Silver Options for the Silver SE PX25 & SE300B Design.

M19 Silver wire audio transformers have been known to make an improvement in audio reproduction for decades. Silver has a higher sensitivity to flux change (200%)  enabling it to reproduce lower level  information produced by the output stage including harmonics produced by musical instruments. 

" Electra -Print  Quote "

 We offer transformers using Copper , Partial Silver Stranded Secondary (PSSS) as well as Solid Silver.

Nano-AT use Solid Silver and Gold hook up wire in the signal path and Silver RCA inputs with PSSS range and Neotech OCC Copper with the Copper secondary option.

These transformers are ruler flat from 20Hz-25KHz ,quite stunning performance  in our SE PX25 and our SE300B range of Amplifiers.

8Hz-40KHz -3dB 

  Our Electra- print M19 range has the new 6E5P Gold Grid input /driver tube with constant current source Plate power supplies, that produce an extremely liner response with distortion down close to 0.03% for this tube.

Both the  Constant Current Source supply on the Plate's and Heaters are required to get the desired performance from the 6E5P tube at such low distortion.

The Amplifier B+ power supply is also fully regulated to enhance this particular design. 

A true High End Audio Product !

So if Silver or Copper is your thing here we are .

More soon on PP Nano-AT ™

Nano-AT ™


SE EL509 in Triode mode , release in 2020

Single Ended EL509 12 watts in Enhanced Triode Mode

We will release a Single Ended EL509 Amplifier with Custom Wound M19 Transformers on the same chassis as the SE300B. This will be a high current , low distortion design to drive speakers from 90dB/1 watt and above

More Information Soon

Pricing and design details .



FINEMET® Nanocrystalline double c core production in 2020

Nano-AT ™

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