Made in Australia ,Single Ended EL509-2,/45/50/2A3/6C4C/300B - Lundahl Output Transformers & Australian Made Output Transformers under development , Push Pull 7591A, 30 watts , 115/230v 50/60 Hz Power Transformers. SE EL509 now released 12 watts Class A, Fixed Bias ,dual input with Volume Control Above Image. ↑

Welcome to the new wave of audio design at Nano Audio Technology - Nano-AT ™

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Please note we now source  Finemet® Output Transformers direct from the Manufacturer in Japan.

In these days of mass produced Amplifiers from a Plethora of Auction sites ,many with cheap components, we offer a High End product with Audiophile grade  Components, to fit your personnel requirements with a three year Warranty on parts and build, tubes warranty depends on manufacturer chosen.

We build hand crafted Single Ended and Push Pull Amplifiers  in Australia  SE 45/50/2A3/6C4C/300B/EL509 and Mono Block Retro 30 watt Push Pull  7591A / 7868/5B-255M  with  Lundahl HiB, M4, Laminations , Amorphous or R Core Orient Steel  Output Transformers 

 ( your choice) .

Arguably  the most important part of a tube amplifiers parts list with the greatest influence on the sound is the Output Transformer !  followed by power transformer and last of all DC smoothing chokes core material.

Our use of Japanese Ultra High End Finemet  ® Cut C  Core Output Transformers  At Tesla T1.3  exhibiting very low magnetic core loss and low distortion , high permeability helping produce excellent clarity and speed to hear deep into the original recording .

 FINEMET® have the best permeability of all, for audio output transformers used in Single Ended Amplifiers.

Recently added to our inventory of output transformers are Lundahl Cut C core HiB M4 Laminations .

These Transformers are widely used in the  professional recording industry, Shindo Laboritories and many other high end manufacturers have installed these in tube amplifiers since 1958.

One of the best transformer companies in the world today .

More to come on these !

 The  45 ,2A3  ,6C4c , 300B and now EL509  are  now part of a range of Single Ended Amplifiers with Fixed Bias offering more power
and regulated power supplies for added clarity and low noise .

Bass is very well enhanced with the regulated power supplies.
This design exhibits astounding clarity and very low distortion.
Lush midrange , excellent bass and very extended high frequencies.

New Look chassis are underway post Covid 19 with an enhanced finish 

Low Noise  Toroidal Power transformers .

Currently we are developing Australian Made Transformers with very promising results !

* * please note designs and products are upgraded /changed  from time to time. 


"In one of my favourite rooms – I came back several  times to this oasis – Australia’s Nano Audio Technology’s debuting and  lovingly-bespoke 300B- and 6A3-based amplifiers were alternately  valve-caressing either Contrast Audio or Wyndham Audio (also Australian)  speakers. Brinkmann’s Bardot turntable !

Parts are sourced locally and overseas, mainly Japan,USA and EU

Each Amplifier is Appliance tested and tagged to Australian Standards and the power supply transformers are CE certified .


Singe Ended SE300B / E88cc/6922

This 10 watt design using SRPP E88cc/6922 input driver tube with all new regulated power supplies , to ensure the Teflon Coupling  Capacitor is always charged, providing very low distortion, maximum gain, the driver tubes extended frequency response from 10Hz -100Khz ,excellent dynamics and absolute clarity in driving the 300B output tube.

Input signal wiring is all Neotech OCC Copper.

Rod Coleman Constant Current Source on the 300B heaters a step up from a basic IXYS/ capacitor or AC trim pot. Hum is gone so high efficiency speakers are perfect for this Amplifier .

The Circuit is carefully optimized and retested for the lowest distortion and best bias points for linearity.

SRPP E88cc/6922 are now part of the new look Amplifiers.

>>>> This Amplifier design is  available with a number of output transformer options.

Lundahl HiB, Amorphous or FINEMET®   Nanocrystalline output transformers, 20 Hz - 50 KHZ -1dB

With a Tesla rating of T1.3, FINEMET® Nanocrystalline  is a market leader for crystal clear presentation of all music styles.

It has up to 1/5 the core loss of normal silicon steel cores, enabling very low distortion and insertion loss ,having the best permeability of all audio output transformers .

It allows you to hear deep into the mix, combined with multifilar winding techniques has no equal in this regard.

Bass is fast and solid, midrange has a vividness of character as if you were there and the highs have excellent detail where every breath and nuance is captured.

Lundahl HiB C  cores now available with all our range of Amplifiers 

The Teflon Coupling Capacitors we use enable a very large sound stage with absolute clarity without being bright or edgy at all.

No other component has more influence on an amplifiers sound quality than the output transformer, it is at the heart of any tube amplifier design.

Further information on drop down tab's.

Rod Coleman Constant Current Source Heater & Plate  supplies for the 300B, simply the best way to achieve quiet running & performance of the 300B , a very marked improvement on AC hum pots.

Please refer More TAB for technical details and Signature Series Pure Silver Secondaries, POA


Australian Custom Wound Transformers

Our Own Australian Wound Transformers are under development and will include  Glasmet and  Finemet ®Transformers ! 

Aussy Made Bring it on home ethos .

Please note no metal will be sourced from China , we will use metal from USA .

Our goal is to source parts and production as much as possible from within Australia to protect local jobs and secure reliable supply lines.

NEW  7591A  with Lundahl  HiB Transformers or Japanese R Core Orient  Steel , Push Pull 30 watts for speakers 87dB/ 1 watt and above

Push Pull 6BX7 GT 4-7 Watts PSSS Silver Secondaries and Silver Input wire, AudioNote Silver RCA's and Speaker Binding Posts.

These will be perfect for Lowther Speaker Lovers and Horn Drivers or Full Range Speakers.

Contrast Audio Range of Speakers sold in Australia are a perfect fit for all our range.

More details to follow.

 High Efficiency Speakers suitable for our Amplifiers can be found at

Push pull up to 37 watts


Push Pull Series of Mono Blocks 2020 release

We have a new look Mono Block Series ,25 Watt UL & 30 watt Pentode  Push Pull Amplifier  7591A tubes and 6E5P driver tube in triode mode or 6J6 with phase splitting transformers ,Constant  Current Source on the 6E5P driver tube and Lundahl or Special Japanese Orient Steel, R Core Output Transformers  .


More Soon


New to Nano-At Lundahl range of output transformers

Lundahl HiB C core and Amorphous Range now added to Nano-AT range of Amplifiers as an option

Lundahl make a comprehensive range of Output transformers and we will now include them as an option for all our range of Amplifiers .

Many High End manufactures use Lundahl including Shindo Laboratories , our point of difference are super low noise power transformers and regulated power supplies.

More soon on PP Nano-AT ™

Nano-AT ™


SE EL509 in Enhanced Triode mode

Single Ended EL509 12 watts ,Shunt - Regulated Fixed Bias in Enhanced Triode Mode

More soon .

More Information Soon

Pricing and design details .


Nano-AT ™

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